Be a Storage Master!

Top 10 reasons to store

Access Self Storage-Red Oak Manager Chuck Culp came up with this list of reasons the typical person might want to rent a storage unit. These easily accessible and affordable units can make a world of difference when space becomes an issue!

10. We have a three-car garage that can only fit one.

9. Our new place is smaller, but we have lots of memories.

8. I want to go all out for holidays, but don't have room for the decorations.

7. The house flooded and I need a dry place to put everything for a while.

6. I'm being deployed. Where will my stuff be safe while I'm gone?

5. My small business needs a place to store tools, supplies, and inventory.

4. We don't need to keep our motorcycle or jetskis at home over the winter.

3. My kid is about to head off to college and I want to use her room for other things.

2. My collections are out of control, but they're valuable! Where can I put them?

1. My mother needs to move in with us, but she has a whole house full of possessions.