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If you've seen Storage Wars: Texas, you've seen Access Self Storage! While the television show only films with Access a few times a year, auctions are held each month. Click below for more information and for unit pictures.

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Welcome to Access

Access Self Storage is in a league of its own. In 1972, when W.J. Hunt and his son, Doug, opened the first Access Self Storage facility in Garland, they stood in the middle of two extremes - shady self-storage facilities without an illusion of safety or security and corporate franchise facilities with no sense of heart. Self-storage companies had been seen as a necessary evil, the places where you could store the things that outgrew your home, but you simply had to hope for the best when you locked your unit and drove away from what was rarely more than a few sheets of corrugated aluminum. The Hunts were determined to become something different.

In response to the need they saw, the Hunts founded a company based on three principles: safety, security, and service. Because of this dedication and professional pride, Access Self Storage, now run by brothers Doug and David Hunt, has risen to the top of the industry and routinely wins awards for excellence in all three of these areas.
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Youth Activity Scholarship

For Access Self Storage Co-Owners Doug and David Hunt, church camps, choir tours, and mission trips were an integral part of spiritual development as a kid. Many times, the chance to get away from normal, everyday life was a chance to seek God without distractions. As a Christian-owned company, Access Self Storage wants to make sure that other kids have the same opportunity, especially those whose limited means might prevent them from participating.

With this is mind, Access Self Storage has partnered with Focus Daily News, the Red Oak Record, and the Ellis County Press to create the Youth Activity Scholarship! To apply, download the application form below, fill it out, and turn it in at any Access Self Storage Facility. You may also submit it electronically or via US mail to the addresses on the bottom of the form.

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  • State of the Art

    Access Self Storage facilities incorporate the very latest in security technology. HD security cameras are installed throughout each location and linked to a central monitoring station in the front office. High-capacity DVRs with dedicated power systems record activity 24/7.
    Each facility also employs an controlled-entry system including electronic barriers and wrought-iron gates at every entry point. Numeric keypads limit access to current tenants.


    Our security systems are monitored and maintained by Texas-certified OMC Gate Service, Inc., renowned leader in security installation and sister company to Access Self Storage - which means Access Self Storage facilities have priority access to OMC Gate technicians.
  • You're in good hands...

    Access Self Storage managers are kind, knowledgeable, and service-oriented. There is no one better suited to guide you through the struggles of packing, moving, and storing your belongings. Call or e-mail a manger whenever you have a question; they're eager to help!

    ...and so is your stuff

    Access managers live on-site, which means that you are not just abandoning your belongings to the cold - you're leaving them in the constant care of professionals. If something happens in the middle of the night, Access Self Storage managers respond immediately.
  • We've got trucks...

    Access Self Storage has partnered with both Budget and Penske to offer high-quality, affordable moving trucks. Whether your moving your stuff into long-term storage or just moving it across town, save time and money by renting where you store!

    ...and moving supplies.

    Boxes, tape, bubble wrap, tarps, gloves, packing peanuts - whatever you need, we've got it. Stop in the front office and stock up before you move.

"...incredibly nice and helpful!"

Courtney had this to say about Access-East Dallas

"Joe and Beth were incredibly nice and helpful! They took the time to help me find the right size unit then gave me a great rate on it too. I would recommend them to anyone who lives in town but doesn't want to pay in town prices for storage."
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"Wendy and Roy were wonderful."

Selinda had this to say about Access-Red Oak

"Very impressed with the security and the cleanliness. Looking forward to doing business with such nice organized people."
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Btculmo had this to say about Access-Pleasant Grove

"The managers are friendly and helpful. The property is clean and well maintained. I have been a repeat customer and will not go anywhere else. I highly recommend this location."
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