Be a storage Master!

Top 10 reasons to store

Access Self Storage-Red Oak Manager Chuck Culp came up with this list of reasons the typical person might want to rent a storage unit. These easily accessible and affordable units can make a world of difference when space becomes an issue!

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How to pack books (and avoid a trip to the chiropractor)

How to pack books

I don't know what it is about humans and hoarding, but if there is more than one of something, you can bet that one or more of us collects it. No one is immune. For me, it's books and it's a compulsion. In the interest of being well-balanced, I regularly go through the rest of my house and clean out anything that is old or unused, but the books...well, the books stay. And multiply. Little book babies just lining up on my inadequate shelving space.

All of this to say, after moving nine times since I graduated from high school, I have become adept at moving books from place to place. I didn't get it all right the first few times because, "I should probably have a game plan for moving 700+ books," didn't even cross my mind. In fact, it wasn't until I was four or five moves in and I realized I was as likely to walk outside and pick up a garbage truck as I was to lift even the smallest box of books I had packed that I began to rethink my method. Which brings us to our first point:

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